In-situ concreting and installation

Hydroteks Group provides construction services for more than two decades and is deservedly considered to be a team of skilled professionals.

We are ready to implement a full range of solid work for the construction of the lower structural elements and the solid structure of the frame, the installation of precast concrete structures.

By providing these services, we use high-tech equipment, innovative technologies and building materials of the highest quality.

Hydroteks Group provides a full range of in-situ concreting and installation of precast concrete structures, including:

    • excavation and laying of solid foundation slabs;
    • in-situ concreting (construction of foundations and foundation slabs, construction of load-bearing columns, walls, beams, floor slabs);
    • installation of prefabricated precast constructions (including panels of high-rise apartment buildings).

Our own fleet of formwork systems with height of ceiling up to twelve meters allows us to produce solid work of any complexity in all weather conditions.

To carry out the installation of precast concrete structures, we have the full range of necessary equipment.

We have many years of experience and relevant qualification of employees of the company, which are a guarantee that all necessary measures will be implemented on time and at the highest professional level.