Concrete industrial floors

Hydroteks Group carries out the construction of industrial concrete floors with a reinforced upper layer and polymeric coating unit since 2008. The use of advanced construction methods of industrial concrete floors with a reinforced upper layer and the innovative polymer coatings made the company a natural leader in this field. This is due to the fact that we have many years of successful practice and an individual approach to each construction project, ensuring impeccable service and quality.

We cooperate with the world’s leading manufacturers of construction chemicals.

Our modern equipment helps us to solve complex problems in the field of construction of industrial concrete floors and polymer coatings at the optimum time.

During the construction of the concrete floor slabs, laying of concrete canvases is executed by mechanized method using our own laser screeds (pavers) SXP Laser Screed and CopperHead XD. For grouting of concrete surface, we use our own fleet of machines Bartell.

The company has extensive experience in the production of works at sub-zero temperatures. To create the necessary temperature conditions, we apply our own Jumbo and Galaxy heat gun.

Currently, a qualified staff of our company has carried out more than a million square meters of industrial concrete floors and polymer coatings for various purposes at sites throughout the Russian Federation.

Our company performs such works as:

  • optimization of design solutions;
  • excavation, preparation of crushed stone and sand base for industrial concrete floors;
  • arrangement of concrete blinding coating;
  • construction of industrial precast and fiber concrete floors with strengthened top layer;
  • construction of foundations for equipment, pits, cable passages;
  • performance of polymer coatings (epoxy, polyurethane, methyl methacrylamide, etc.).

The competitive advantage of Hydroteks Group is uncompromising quality, strict adherence to deadlines set by the customer, modern equipment and vast experience of employees in the industry.